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Heat Pump
Wall Mounting Brackets
With Extra Foot
Length (27 Inches)

Colarus Group heat pump bracket is made with extra foot Length of 27 inches. It helps comply with the building codes, allowing enough breathing space to heat pump for optimum performance. Made from mild steel and powder coated,our brackets have extra durability to meet or exceed the market standards with the following features.

Product Code

CG- 182734 WMB -PC

Size (Inches)


Color Finish

Powder Coated

Wall Mounting bracket

Wall Mounting bracket




Twin lock provides a double strength linkage.
Bubble level , anti-vibration mounts and Fast Set of
hardware are included for safe,
professional installation.
Partially pre-assembled for simple completion.
Weight holding capacity : 200-220 Kg.
Sheet Thinkness: 2.0mm

Accessory List

4 pcs of vibration mount.
4 sets of Hex screw set.
4 pcs of Hex Nuts.
4 pcs of flat washers, used for vibration mount.
4 set of anchors set, used for cross bar.
4 set of long screws set.
4 pcs hex nuts.
4 pcs flat washer, Used for hanging plate and base plate.
2 adjust screws



installation Instructions

Step 1: Connect hanging plate and base plate using long screws set.
Step 2: Place cross bar cross over hanging plates.
Step 3: Put cross bar onto the wall , Using the anchore set to fix.
Step 4: Plase the vibration mount on the base plate and install
it using hex screw set.
Step 5: Adjust Screw.

Please Note:

Take you time with the installation.
Do not make any modification for the bracket.
Check that all the screws and the bolts are secured tightly
befor placing the unit on it.
Check onec a year for the loose screws and maintenance.



Click on the image to download :Spec Wall Mounting Bracket

L3016 Bracket

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